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E-procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase/sale of goods, work & services through Internet (as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning). An e-procurement system manages tenders through a web site and encompasses:-

  • Viewing of Tender/ N.I.T. (Notice Inviting Tender)
  • Responding to Tender
  • Submitting the QUOTATION (bid) online
  • Viewing tender opening
  • Viewing the PURCHASE ORDER
  • Viewing the RECEIPT
  • Viewing the PAYMENT information

Please refer to the Vendor Registration manuals (both in Hindi and English) under "Manuals" section of Homepage.

Please refer to the Vendor Registration manuals (both in Hindi and English) under "Manuals" section of Homepage.

Yes, it is possible to edit the profile details in respective vendor login.

  • Public Ltd.
  • Private Ltd.
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Joint Venture
  • Consortium
  • Partnership
  • Others
  • Manufacturers
  • Traders
  • Builders
  • Authorized Dealer
  • Vendor/Bidder

Yes but prior to the participation, registration in the portal is required. Please refer to the Vendor Registration manuals (both in Hindi and English) under "Manuals" section of Homepage.

Please enter correct user credentials. In addition to that, please refer to the PDF document "Preferred System Setup Guidelines" under "Downloads" section of Homepage. If you still have issues please call CG eProc Toll free Helpline at 18002582502 or email us at helpdesk.eproc@cgswan.gov.in

Please use "FORGOT PASSWORD?" option available on the homepage to generate new temporary password. The new password will be generated & emailed to the vendor’s registered email address. He/she can then login with the temporary password which needs to be changed at login.

All vendors will be able to view the tenders (except limited tenders) on the homepage once they are published and Live.

However if you are invited for a tender then you will be receiving both Email & SMS.

These certificates are issued to individuals/organizations. As these are high assurance certificates (primarily intended for e-commerce transactions on online applications), they will be issued as Class – II/Class – III certificates to individuals/organizations by the Certifying Authorities. The vendors/bidders should have both Encryption & Signing Digital Certificates to operate in the CG e-Procurement portal.

The Certifying Authorities (CA) under Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) issues Digital Certificates. CA issues Class – II or Class – III Digital Signing & Encryption Certificates to the end users. You can approach any authorized CAs (in India) for getting Digital Signature and Encryption Certificates. Some of the authorities are listed below:

  • To participate in the e-Procurement process and to establish their identity in online bid submission process it is mandatory for contractors/Bidders to obtain a Class-II/III Digital Certificates at their cost. The Class-II/III Digital Certificate will be acceptable only if it is issued by an approved Certifying Authority authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, Government of India. The details can be seen at http://www.cca.gov.in. Issue of a Class-II/III Digital Certificate takes some time and it is issued by the issuing authority only on receipt of the required documents and due verification process.
  • The Digital Certificate issued to the authorized user of a Partnership firm / Private Limited Company / Public Limited Company / Joint Venture and used for online bidding will be considered as equivalent to a no-objection certificate / power of attorney to that user.
  • In case of Partnership Firm, majority of the Partners have to authorize a specific individual through Authority Letter signed by majority of the Partners of the firm.
  • In case of Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company, the Managing Director / any other Person (having designated authority to authorize a specific individual) has to authorize a specific individual through Authority Letter.
  • Unless the certificate is revoked, it will be assumed to represent adequate authority of the specific individual to bid on behalf of the organization for online tenders as per Information Technology Act 2000. This Authorized User will be required to obtain a Digital Certificate. The Digital Signature executed through the use of Digital Certificate of this Authorized User will be binding on the firm. It shall be the responsibility of Management / Partners of the concerned firm to inform the Certifying Authority, if the Authorized User changes, and apply for a fresh digital certificate for the new Authorised User.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of the participating bidder to obtain, protect and maintain validity of the Class-II/III Digital Certificate and the bidder will not be able to participate in the e-Procurement process in absence of appropriate Class-II/III Digital Certificate.

Vendors can map the renewed DSC using "Register DSC" option available on the portal after login.

No, the same DSC can’t be used to enroll more than one log-in ids in the eProcurement portal for security reasons.

Yes, the same Class – II/Class – III DSC (valid) can be used in this portal.

DSC gets blocked only if wrong token password is supplied or attempted for more than specified allowed times. So if this happens, the vendor needs to contact the DSC service provider to unlock the same.

User will need to purchase DSC from any authorized Indian DSC providers (CAs), DSC procured from Foreign Service providers will not be valid/compatible with the portal. For getting an Indian CA issued DSC the foreign vendor may have to get his/her documents authenticated by Indian Embassy at his/her resident country before it is dispatched to the Indian CA for issuance of the certificate

PAN number is mandatory during vendor registration. However if vendor is a foreign bidder/supplier, he/she needs to follow instructions mentioned in the tender document.

Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the PDF document "Preferred System Setup Guidelines" under "Downloads" section of Homepage.

Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the PDF document "Preferred System Setup Guidelines" under "Downloads" section of Homepage.

You can resubmit the bids multiple times before the bid submission due date.

Go to "Control Panel” => Click on “Region and Language” option => Select the Format option under Formats as “English ( United States )” => Click “Apply” and “OK” => Close the browser and try again.

Yes, the bids cannot be viewed by the buyers until the bids are officially opened for evaluation. All bids are encrypted by the Digital certificate.

In case of further queries/suggestions, please contact us at the following:

Email: helpdesk.eproc@cgswan.gov.in
Call: 1800 419 9140 (Toll free) -- From 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM (IST)

Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the word document "FAQ Document for Online EMD" under "Downloads" section of Homepage.

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